AP hospital comes up with new method to treat heart disorder

Hyderabad: Care Hospital here has claimed to have come up with a new technique, which is being patented to treat congenital heart disorder.

The procedure has been published in journals and western world has also evinced interest. It will be demonstrated in Europe in July, the hospital said.

The techniques will be demonstrated for Indian doctors at a two-day national workshop to be held here from tomorrow, Nageswara Rao Koneti, Head of Department of Paediatric and Cardiology Surgeon, Care Hospital, said.

Koneti, who has developed the technique, called `retrograde closure of VST`, and has applied for patent, said the procedure was cost effective.

Addressing a press conference, he said "this procedure is less time consuming with less X ray time against the normal procedure "anti-grade method"."

It can be performed on babies with congenital defects, particularly those having holes in the heart, blood vessel blocks and valve blockage," he added.