Apple a day ‘can reduce bowel cancer risk’

Updated: Jan 11, 2010, 00:00 AM IST

London: Tucking in an apple with its skin on could help trim the risk of bowel cancer by more than a third, say researchers.

Polish experts from Jagiellonian University in Krakow found that eating two could almost cut down the chances of getting the disease by almost half.

“Neither the consumption of vegetables nor other fruits have shown beneficial effects on the risk of bowel cancer. But a reduced risk of 35 per cent was observed with the consumption of at least one apple a day. With the intake of more than one apple a day, the risk was reduced by about 50 per cent,” the Daily Express quoted the team as saying.

Dr Rachel Thompson, the World Cancer Research Fund, recommended a fibre-packed diet that could help prevent bowel cancer cases.

She said: “Getting more fibre into your diet is not rocket science. It is simply a question of eating more fruits, vegetables and pulses, and choosing the wholegrain option when it comes to things like rice and bread. Any increase in the amount of fibre in your diet can make a difference.”

Dr Alison Ross, senior science information officer at Cancer Research UK, added: “When it comes to reducing the risk of cancer, it’s best to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables rather than relying on any single type.”

“We know that bowel cancer is less common among Europeans who eat the most fibre.”

The findings were published in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention.