Arunachal Pradesh taking necessary steps to control JE spread

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Itanagar: Arunachal Pradesh has taken all necessary steps to prevent further spread of Japanese Encephalitis and the health department is closely monitoring the current situation in the state.

The department has requested the people to participate in vector control, similar to the preventive measures taken in case of malaria.

Informing that treatment of JE is symptomatic and medicines are available in hospitals for its treatment, state epidemiologist Dr L Jampa in a statement today appealed to the people to ensure use of mosquito net/ bednets during sleeping hours.

The people should allow fogging operation of the department to go on and keep open all doors and windows during fogging operation.

It should be ensured that no water logging takes place in and around houses where there is a chance of breeding of mosquitoes, he said.

In an important announcement, the epidemiologist said that no vaccine will be effective during transmission season as it takes minimum one to two months to develop immunity to the virus and in outbreak season when the virus is virulent, these vaccines may not help.

Vaccination gives a false sense of security and is not recommended by the government of India during the transmission, outbreak situation.

It is observed that due to panic amongst the people, JE vaccines are given privately in many dispensaries and people are rushing in for vaccinations. It must be ensured that these dispensaries maintain proper cold chain of 2-8 degree centigrade and sterile precautions are observed", Jampa said.

A girl died in the state recently due to the disease while 13 others affected with encephalitis were undergoing treatment.


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