Audacity to ignore the need for sleep

Zee Media Bureau/R. Nandini

There was a time when mainly people working in shifts were the victim of sleep disorders. But nowadays it has become quite normal for every four out of the five people to ignore sleep for something 'better'. Research suggests that modern technology plays a major role in making us all sleep deprived.

Scientists from universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Manchester and Surrey too warn about the side effects of cutting on sleep.

The biological clock gets seriously wrecked with the inconsistency in our sleep pattern. It has adverse effects on our mood, physical strength, mental alertness and in the worst cases, can be a reason for an heart attack.

Looking at the seriousness of the issue, it's time that people do something about it; especially when it is associated with some serious diseases like cancer, heart disease, type-2 diabetes, infections and obesity.

People already fighting with insomnia and other sleep disorders must maintain a proper sleep hygiene to help combat the serious health troubles it can bring.  

Five tips for a good night's sleep:

Dim lights - Use dim lights in your bedroom to get a soothing effect.

A hot glass of milk - It's a time tested formula; a tip straight out of grandma's kitchen. Milk contains amino acids - tryptophan which induces sleep.

Hot shower - A good hot shower relaxes the body, further preparing it for sleep.

Comfortable nightwear - Make sure your night dress is comfortable and soft on the skin to avoid unnecessary discomfort during the sleep.

Shut the technology off - Turn off the technology around for an uninterrupted sleep.

A good read - Reading a nice novel at night can help you sleep better at it distracts your mind from troublesome thoughts, further calming it.

Light music - Listening to some light tracks before hitting the sack can also do the trick.

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