Babies sense of smell physically shaped by mothers` meals

London: It`s said that what a mom-to-be consumes can affect what her child will like.

Now, a new study has claimed that a baby`s sense of smell is physically shaped by what his or her mother eats and drinks during pregnancy.

Biologists at Colorado University have based their findings on an analysis of an experiment on laboratory rodents -- they claim to have found the reason and how it affects the physical development of the smelling system.

According to the biologists, exposure to certain odours triggers certain glomeruli -- spherical structures in the olfactory bulb that relay smell messages from the nasal cavity to the brain -- to grow rather than others.

And, the researchers say that among the most powerful odours that a foetus would experience in the womb is that of its own mother, `The Daily Telegraph` reported.

The development process is critical because it enables the young to smell their own mothers when they are born, lead biologist Josephine Todrank was quoted by the leading British newspaper as saying.

The findings have been published in the `Proceedings of The Royal Society B` journal.


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