Bird Flu – Causes, symptoms, prevention & cure

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What is bird flu?

•It is an infectious disease caused by bird flu virus( H5N1 Influenza A virus )
•Bird flu affect mainly the domestic poultry ( chicken, ducks, etc ) and less commonly in animals like pigs
•Very occasionally, humans may also be infected with this virus

How does bird flu spread to humans?

By close contact with:
•Infected poultry ( chicken, ducks, etc ) and their dropping
•Surfaces contaminated by infected birds and their dropping

Common symptoms of bird flu in humans

•Fever (38 degree C or higher)
•Sore throat
•Muscle aches
•Difficulty in breathing, pneumonia
•Pain in abdomen, diarrhea

How does bird flu spread in birds?

•Bird flu spreads from infected birds to other birds through contact
•Contact with nasal and respiratory secretion
•Contact with faeces of infected birds
•Contamination of feed and water
•Contact with contaminated equipments

Signs in birds infected with bird flu?

•Lack of energy and appetite
•Swellings of the heads, eyelids, combs, legs
•Purple discolorations of the combs / “dirty” feather
•Nasal discharge

•Coughing and sneezing
•Sudden death

How can we protect ourselves from bird flu?

•Avoid close contact with infected and suspected birds and animal, specially their dropping, saliva, and other secretions
•Avoid consuming raw/ uncooked / partially cooked poultry products such as chicken and eggs
•Cooking ( half an hour and 70 degree C ) kills the bird flu virus
•It makes food safe
•Poultry and poultry products can be consumed following good hygienic and cooking practices
•After handling poultry and eggs, wash hands or other exposed part with soap and water


For any flu-like illness, seek medical help immediately. Bird Flu treatment generally involves hospitalization as well.

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