Blind man regains sight after 30 yrs with bionic eye`s help

Updated: Nov 27, 2009, 00:00 AM IST

London: In a ray of hope for millions of
those who cannot see, a blind man, who underwent a "bionic
eye" implant trial at a British hospital, has partially
regained vision thirty years after losing his sight.

Peter Lane (51) from Stretford is one of the 32 people
who participated in an international trial of `bionic eye` at
Manchester Royal Eye Hospital earlier this year.

Peter, who lost his sight to a degenerative genetic
disease in his mid-twenties, can now read simple words with
the help of the implant.

The device allows him to see the outline of objects as a
series of dots of lights and helps him in reading also, Daily
Mail reported.

"It was an amazing feeling after not being able to see
anything to be seeing letters and words on a special screen. I
was there reading dad, mat, cat," Peter said.

"I`m just reading small words at the moment and they
(doctors) try us with smaller letters each time. It`s a start
and they`ve said they will get me a screen so I can read at
home," he said.

Peter said now he feels more confident and independent
when he goes out.

"The images I see move and that takes a bit of getting
used to, but I can see cars — they look like cotton wool. It`s
exciting to be part of the trial," he said.