Botox `may help treat depression`

New York: Botox – the facial freezer – may be effective in treating depression because it physically prevents a person from frowning, which can trigger negative emotions and depressions, researchers say.

Dr. Eric Finzi and his team from Chevy Chase Cosmetic Center in Maryland, involved 84 subjects with severe depression that lasted on average for two years and did not respond well to antidepressants.

Subjects were divided into randomized groups, with the research group receiving a Botox jab to smooth frown lines, and the control group receiving a placebo injection.

Both groups were assessed three and six weeks later, the New York Daily News reported.

According to Time, about 27 percent of the Botox group reported an absence of depression, compared to only seven percent of those who received a placebo.

While the results are intriguing, more research needs to be done to better understand how Botox works in the body.


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