Brain dead vital organs of 16-year old harvested

Coimbatore: The organs of a brain-dead 16-year-old class 10th standard student at nearby Tirupur were harvested in a hospital here and donated to recipients across Tamil Nadu, hospital sources said.

Sanjay Suresh, who was seriously injured in an accident on Friday last, was declared brain dead, after which his parents decided to donate his vital organs for the benefit of
patients, sources at Kovai Medical Center and Hospital (KMCH),where the organs were harvested yesterday, said today.

The boy had once told his mother that he wanted to donate his eyes, which made the parents think about donating all his organs, they said.

While the kidneys were retained in KMCH, the eyes were donated to Sankara Eye Care Centre in the city.

The heart valves and liver were airlifted to Chennai with the assistance of Global Hospitals, the sources said.