Brain tumours not linked to cell-phone use: Study

Washington: The latest to weigh in on the issue of the potential health risks of cell phones is a new Danish study, which has found no link between long-term cell phone use and a type of non-cancerous brain tumour.

2.9 million Danes, who participated in the study and used cell phones for 11 years or more, were no more likely to develop these tumors, known as vestibular schwannomas, than those who used cell phones for a shorter period or not at all.

The researchers also said they found no link between using a cell phone for many years and the development of these brain tumors on the right side of the head, where it is supposed most people hold their cell phones.

Vestibular schwannomas originate in a part of the brain that theoretically would absorb the most energy from cell phones```` electromagnetic field, the researchers said.

In addition, these tumors are very slow-growing, so it````s possible they could show up sometime after 11 years.

Participants should continue to be monitored for the development of vestibular schwannomas, the researchers said.

The study has been published in the journal MyHealthNewsDaily.


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