Britain`s oldest father of twins to be dad again

London: Britain`s oldest father of twins, who is now 72, is overjoyed after his 26-year-old wife again discovered she is pregnant.

Richard Roden was delighted to learn that Lisa, 26, was expecting. She is two months pregnant and this will be their third baby together, The Sun reported.

Richard said: "I`m overjoyed. I always said I`d have another. It just goes to show that being in love and growing your own root vegetables keeps you fit and healthy."

Their twins, who were born last year without any fertility treatment, are now 16 months old. The couple had been trying for another baby for the past few weeks.

Lisa said: "I can`t believe how quickly it has happened. We will have three babies under the age of three when this next one is born."

The couple stay in Walsall, West Midlands and locals often mistake Richard for the children`s grandfather.

"Being a dad at 72 is definitely more tiring than in my twenties, but it gives me such a lot of pleasure," Richard was qouted as saying.

The world`s oldest recorded father of twins is US national Tom Lambert who was 78 when his children were born in March 1948.

Lisa said: "It was amazing when the twins were born, and Richard is a complete natural with them. He changes their nappies like an expert - and he will be just a good a dad this time around.

"We were amazed when I fell pregnant again. We always wanted another baby. Richard seems 20 years younger now. The twins and this baby are proof of our love - a love that has defied the age gap and the gossips too!"


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