British woman `gives birth in coma`

London: Believe it or not, a British woman reportedly woke from a two-month coma to find that she gave birth to a son 12 weeks back.

Lisa Boland, 31, had no memory of her son Samuel`s arrival as she gave birth while in a coma on a life support machine battling deadly swine flu. Incredibly, the baby was born naturally, 12 weeks early, when a nurse examining Lisa saw the boy`s head and realised she was in labour.

And, after a long battle -- where Lisa had to learn how to sit up, eat and talk again and Samuel spent 17 weeks in hospital -- both mum and baby are now home and on the road to recovery, `The Sun` reported.

"Waking up from a coma to find out I`d had a baby was shocking. But I didn`t feel scared. I was just desperate to know he was ok. My consultant told me he`d never come across a case of a woman in a coma giving birth naturally," she said.

In fact, when Lisa, a former customer service manager from Glossop, Derbyshire, found out she was pregnant, it was a thrilling surprise. Everything progressed normally until the first week in December when, at 20 weeks pregnant, Lisa began to be sick and found it very difficult to breathe.

Lisa was rushed to the hospital by her partner, where doctors put her on 100 per cent oxygen. Just hours later, as the swine flu virus tightened its grip, she was put on a ventilator and slipped into a coma. Both her and her unborn baby were being kept alive by a life support machine.

Lisa said: "The last thing I remember was pleading with the nurses to look after my baby. I`d waited so long for a child that I didn`t want anything to happen now."


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