Ciggie cravings result from habit, not addiction

Washington: A new study has shown that cravings from cigarettes arise from habit, and not addiction.

This may be the reason why nicotine patches and gum are often ineffective in curbing smoking.

Dr. Reuven Dar of Tel Aviv University`s Department of Psychology found that the intensity of cravings for cigarettes had more to do with the psychosocial element of smoking than with the physiological effects of nicotine as an addictive chemical.

In a study conducted on flight attendants, the team found that craving levels at the end of each short flight were much higher those at the end of the long flight, demonstrating that cravings increased in anticipation of the flight landing, whatever the flight`s total duration.

Dar concluded that people smoke for short-term benefits like oral gratification, sensory pleasure and social camaraderie, not because they become ‘addicted’ to nictone.

The find is published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology.


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