Cloned dog to help cure dementia?

London: Scientists in South Korea have created a fluorescent dog, called Tagon, using cloning techniques, which they claim could one day help cure diseases in humans like Alzheimer`s and Parkinson`s.

The cute Beagle, now two, appears bright green under ultraviolet light when antibiotic drugs are put in his food. He was cloned using the same cell technology used to make the world`s first cloned dog, Snuppy, in 2005.

"The creation of Tagon opens new horizons since the gene injected to make the dog glow can be substituted with genes that trigger fatal human diseases," lead scientist Lee Byeong-chun of Seoul National University was quoted by `The Sun` as saying.

Dogs were chosen for the 1.8 million pounds project because they share 268 illnesses in common with humans, said science journal `Genesis`, which published the discovery.

This amazing mutt is not the first glow-in-the-dark creature though. US researchers made a fluorescent cat called Green Genes three years ago.

By introducing a fluorescence protein into the kitty`s DNA, mucus in the ginger tom`s nose, eyes and ears made them look green. It`s a miaow-zing what they can do in a lab these days.


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