`Condition of separated conjoined twins improves`

Updated: Jun 26, 2012, 18:55 PM IST

Betul: There is continuous improvement in the condition of the Siamese twins, Stuti and Aradhana, who were separated after a 12-hour surgery on June 20, doctors attending them said today.

The ventilator on Stuti was removed on Saturday while that on Aradhana was taken off yesterday, the doctors said, adding that Stuti`s condition was better than that of her sibling.

The post-care team is keeping a strict watch on the twin sisters and doctors are satisfied with their progress.

The girls were successfully separated during an operation conducted by a team of 34 medical experts, including 23 doctors, drawn from India and abroad.

The complicated surgical procedure was carried out at Missionary Hospital in Padhar here.

The one-year-old sisters were joined at heart and liver.