Country men at lower risk of erectile dysfunction

Sydney: Men in inner regional areas had a 12 per cent lower risk of erectile dysfunction than those in major cities, a new study has revealed.

The research of more than 100,000 NSW men over the age of 45 has found that the risk of erectile dysfunction for men in outer regional areas was 16 per cent lower than for men in major cities, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The study suggested that a man`s risk of erectile dysfunction increased by 11.3 per cent for each year over the age of 45.

Among men aged 45 to 54, 11 per cent had moderate or complete erectile dysfunction, while in 75 year olds, the proportion was 82 per cent.

Men with low socio-economic status, smoked or had diabetes , heart disease or depression also had a high risk of erectile dysfunction.

The research is published in the Medical Journal of Australia.