Diabetes growing at alarming rate in India

 The in-depth analysis revealed that over 43% people in the 30-50 years age group were diabetic in Delhi.

 Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: A new study has revealed that diabetes is growing at an alarming rate in India, mostly resulting from unhealthy eating habits, stress and lack of physical activity.

The study, conducted by Metropolis Healthcare - the pathology specialists and multinational chain of diagnostic centers - also revealed a chilling fact on how the disease is taking a toll on young adults, particularly in the national capital.

The in-depth analysis revealed that over 43% people in the 30-50 years age group were diabetic in Delhi.

The study involves a comprehensive analysis of over 18,545 samples in Delhi that were processed for fasting blood sugar for over the last three years.

Commenting on the study Dr Geeta Chopra, Chief of Lab said in a press release, “India is already infamous as the diabetic capital of the world and the incidence is increasing due to various factors, such as unhealthy eating habits, lack of physical activity, family history and stress.

Diabetes is a lifelong condition and requires regular monitoring. People with diabetes are susceptible to kidney dysfunction, cardiovascular diseases, neurological problems and much more. Hence Diabetics need to undergo regular tests and monitoring to ensure that all their vital parameters are normal’’

According to statistics from International Diabetes Federation, India Chapter around 65.1 million people are affected with diabetes in 2015 compared to 50.8 million in 2010. It is expected to reach around 69.9 million by 2025.

There are three types of diabetes: Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, and Gestational Diabetes ( this type affects females during pregnancy, usually around the 24th week – many women develop gestational diabetes).

Treatment for all types of diabetes is available. Diabetes type 1 lasts a lifetime, there is no known cure. Type 2 usually lasts a lifetime; however, some people have managed to get rid of their symptoms without medication, through a combination of exercise, diet and body weight control.



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