Diarrhoea outbreak in Gorakhpur under control

Gorakhpur: Diarrhoea outbreak is under control after authorities in Gorakhpur city of Uttar Pradesh distributed medicines and spread awareness about the disease.

“Now the situation is under control. In the last four-five days there were some cases of water related problems, some vomitting and loose motion cases. We had sent a team of doctors to the village who were looking after people suffering from the disease,” said RN Mishra, chief medical officer of Gorakhpur.

Diarrhoea has affected the children and women, and almost every second person in the family was suffering from it.

One of the villagers complained about the collection of dirty waters in many places, which breed mosquitoes.

“In the village the disease started few days back. One of the reasons for the outbreak of the disease is the dirty water accumulated at various places. There are lots of mosquitoes here. If the dirty waters are not wiped out the disease may occur again. So, the authorities should start this work as soon as possible,” said Bhakol, a villager.


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