Diet plan that keeps Anna going

New Delhi: Anna Hazare has been subsisting on water for the past 12 days and has amazed doctors and the public alike with his energy, it is his disciplined life style and self-control that has kept the 74-year-old going, aides close to the social activist said on Saturday.

"It is the self-control mechanism that Hazare is following, it is not new for him as he has always led a principled life," a long-term associate of Hazare said.

His normal diet when he is not fasting consists of milk and fruits, dalia (wheat porridge) and simple khichdi. Most of the time he skips even this simple meal.

"He never takes tea," the aide added.

Regular practice of yoga for at least two hours a day keeps him fit even at his age.

A strict and disciplined lifestyle of this ex-army man has made him achieve this feat.

"He eats only once in a day," he added.


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