Doctors fix baby’s brain aneurysm with superglue

New York: Surgeons at the University of Kansas Hospital sealed a 3-week-old baby`s life-threatening brain aneurysm with a dollop of superglue.

Ashlyn Julian was born on May 16. Her parents, Gina and Jared Julian, said she was a healthy newborn.

However, in a matter of days, Ashlyn went from being a quiet but tired baby to one who was screaming and vomiting.

Doctors discovered an aneurysm the size of an almond on little baby`s brain.

Doctors at the University of Kansas Hospital discovered the she had an almond-sized aneurysm in the middle of her brain.

Surgeons used the smallest adult catheter they could find and a strand of microwire to put super glue on baby Ashlyn`s aneurysm, the New York Daily News reported.

The unconventional method of using super glue to repair Ashlyn`s aneurysm worked, and the 3-week-old is on the road to recovery.


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