Dog with dwarfism helps 5-year-old boy come to terms with his own!

They say dogs are man's best friends and this friendship proves that they certainly do improve our lives.

Image courtesy: Facebook/Stand Tall 4 Dwarfism

Zee Media Bureau/Udita Madan

New Delhi: Dwarfism is a medical condition caused by slow growth. This means that adults who have the condition, will grow up to a height of not more than 4 feet 10 inches (58 inches; 147 cm).

It is normal for those with medical conditions to feel conscious of their appearance and it is tough for them to accept themselves as well as their condition. For kids, self-acceptance is tougher.

For 5-year-old Quaden Bayles of Brisbane, Australia, the journey to self-acceptance was tough and long, but an eventually blissful one.

Quaden is a victim of achondroplasia, a common form of dwarfism, which left him feeling uncomfortable during his first year of school.

His parents had their own misgivings about whether he would be able to handle the pressure that was sure to come his way through numerous questions everyone would ask. He felt inferior, uncomfortable and struggled to come to come to terms with the fact that he wouldn't grow up to be tall and strong like his father.

But then, Quaden met Buddy, a 9-year-old shih tzu who also has the same form of dwarfism as Quaden, and things visibly and considerably changed.

They say dogs are man's best friends and this friendship proves that they certainly do improve our lives.

Initially, Quaden's parents were apprehensive on keeping Buddy, but Quaden's reaction to him and their bonding made them change their minds.

The lovable dog was introduced to the Bayles family by a friend, who is a vet by profession, over dinner one evening.

The way Buddy took to Quaden was a sign that the friendship was truly meant to be.

The introduction of the dog in the family and the subsequent bonding between him and the child has helped Quaden come to terms with his dwarfism.

According to, "He said he wants people to meet Buddy because 'he has dwarfism like me.' That's like music to my ears, I prayed for the day he would accept it. I honestly didn't think it would be anytime soon, I thought it would be years," Quaden's mother said.

With Buddy and Quaden's friendship growing stronger day by day, it is helping people become more aware of the condition and understand those people who suffer from it.

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