Drink orange juice daily to stave off Alzheimer`s

London: Want to stave off Alzheimer`s disease? Drink a glass of orange juice daily, for a new study has claimed that it`s the key to managing the most common form
of dementia.

Researchers in Sweden have carried out the study and found that vitamin C can help reverse the build-up of toxic proteins which form into harmful plaques in the brains
of sufferers.

The researchers at Lund University hope their discovery can also be used to slow the progress of the disease in those who already have it, the `Daily Express` reported.
In fact, they have based their findings on an analysis of an experiment of laboratory rodents.

Katrin Mani, who led the study, said: "When we treated brain tissue from mice that had Alzheimer`s disease with vitamin C, the toxic protein aggregates were dissolved.

"The notion that vitamin C can have a positive effect on Alzheimer`s disease is controversial but our results open up new opportunities for research and the possibilities offered by vitamin C."

She added that while vitamin C is in fresh fruit it can be absorbed in larger quantities from fruit juice. "Vitamin C is not a drug and having an extra daily glass of orange juice
would do no harm," she said.


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