Drinking water before dinner key to lose weight

London: The secret of losing weight is in drinking water - just drink two glasses of water before sitting down to dinner and see the magic.

Scientists are recommending half a litre of water before meals as a way to cut calorie intake, reports express.co.uk.

People struggling in the battle of the bulge can put an end to over-eating by simply filling up on the cheapest of all calorie-free drinks - water - before eating.

The findings are set to make dieting simpler for thousands of people who struggle with weight control and invest time and money in complicated diet plans.

In the weight loss study, obese people aged between 55 to 75 were divided into two groups.

One group drank two cups of water about half an hour before a meal and the other group did not.

It was discovered that members of the group who drank the water lost nearly five kilograms more than the group that had not been offered any water.


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