Early detection of Alzheimer`s?

Washington: Good news for those at risk
of developing Alzheimer`s as scientists claim to be focusing
on using imaging and blood screening for early detection of
the disease.

"This collaboration has provided critical expertise
and capability at a size necessary to enable us to understand
early identification of the disease and the contributing
factors to its progression.

"The advancement in our research would not have
been as strong or as rapid were it not for the broad range of
expertise brought together by this collaboration," Professor
Richard Head, the director of CSIRO`s Preventative Health
Flagship, who led an international team, said.

Professor Head said the AIBL research has combined
advanced neuroimaging, cognitive performance studies, blood
screening and lifestyle studies to start identifying early
indicators of the disease.

"The imaging component alone has potentially brought
forward the detection of Alzheimer`s disease by 18 months," he