Erratic lifestyle making youth prone to mental disorders: Docs

New Delhi: Erratic lifestyle, unconventional
job timing and limited communication with parents are making a
large chunk among the around 50 crore Indian youth prone to
potential mental disorders, leading psychiatrists warn.

As the World Mental Health Day is observed across the
globe today, Dr Jitendra Nagpal, a senior consultant
psychiatrist at VIMHANS here, says the country is not
well-equipped to deal with the large number of people
suffering from mental disorders.

"Around seven to 10 crore Indians are suffering from some
kind of serious or minor mental disorders, yet there are only
five to six thousand qualified psychiatrists in the country,"
Nagpal told.

He said, "mental illness is also the major reason of the
rising suicide rate in the country". According to National
Crime Records Bureau, from 2003 to 2007, the suicide rate has
increased at a rate of above 10 per cent every year.

"Despite the majority of the around 50 crore of Indian
youth (below the age of 25) being prone to potential mental
disorders due to their erratic lifestyle, unconventional job
timing and very limited communication with their parents, no
attention is being given to mental healthcare," Nagpal said.

Dr S Sudarshan of Rockland hospital said, "Ridiculing a
mentally ill person in the media should be stopped. We should
help in removing the social stigma and spreading awareness
about positive mental health".

Bureau Report