Excessive TV viewing can turn your kids into couch potatoes

London: Parents need to closely monitor the TV time of their kids as research has bolstered the link between TV habits and obesity in kids.

“There was also a link between TV viewing and obesity and the likelihood of increases in BMI (body mass index) and the waist-to-height ratio,” said Steingerdur Olafsdottir from University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

The study explored how food is portrayed in TV programmes meant for children as well as the link between their TV viewing, dietary habits and weight status.

The study focused on the presence of food in the popular Swedish children’s TV show Bolibompa.

Fruits and vegetables were shown quite frequently in the show, although usually more often in the background, said the study.

One out of every five food items displayed was high in calories and low in nutrients, such as cookies, candy and ice cream, Olafsdottir said.

“This means that there’s potential for a more health-promoting approach in the production of TV shows for children,” Olafsdottir said.