Fertility clinics warned against misleading childless couple

New Delhi: The Indian Medical Association has
advised fertility clinics to ensure that they obtain the
permission of childless couples before using ova and sperm
obtained from third-party donors for IVF insemination.

Many childless couples desirous of conceiving their own
biological child through the In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)
technique have recently been "cheated" by fertility clinics
which substituted the couple`s biological genetic material
with donor egg or sperm simply to assure success of

IVF is a technique, in which fertilisation occurs in
vitro (in a glass dish). The sperm and egg are combined in a
laboratory dish, and after fertilisation, the embryo is
transplanted in the uterus.

"Couples who have had children by IVF technique and
without help from donor egg or sperm should get a genetic test
of their child so that they know it is their biological child
and they have not been duped by the treating doctor," a
gynaecologist with Army Hospital Research and Referral said.

Dr Kaveri banerjee, IVF specialist Max HealthCare said,
"IVF is mainly to get your own genetic child which you are not
able to produce naturally. In 95 per cent cases, the couple`s
own eggs and sperm are used. In case of donor egg or donor
sperm or both -- which is small in number, client`s consent is

In cases of doubt, where couples feel donor material
was used, doctors advise genetic testing of the child

Infertility and IVF expert with Holy Angel`s Hospital
in the capital, Dr Sonia Malik said, "I have come across a
couple who suspected that their egg or sperm was not used. I
immediately advised them to get a DNA test done on the child.
The result was enough to relieve them from doubts."

Malik said, "The DNA test cannot be done at the
embryonic stage as the PNDT Act (Pre-Natal Diagnostic
Technique ACT) does not allow it. A DNA test will be of help
to stop practises in clinics which though make big promises
neither are well equipped nor have trained man power to handle
things properly."


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