Finally, an effective treatment for that `ringing in your ears`

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: Tinnitus, a disease that is associated with ringing in the ears, is now curable by a new combination of therapies, The Lancet reported on Friday.

The multidisciplinary approach is a combination of psychological training and audio therapy that requires focussing on the sound, rather than ignoring and running way.

The study was conducted in The Netherlands on 245 adults suffering with tinnitus while 247 others were referred for standard counselling at a hearing clinic.

It was noticed that after 12 months, the first group who got the therapy had an average improvement of 33 percent in problems caused by severe tinnitus, compared to others who were referred to the hearing clinic.

Rilana Cima and Johan Vlaeyen from Maastricht University, who led the research, explained that “the results are highly relevant for clinical practice because best practice for tinnitus has not been defined, and current treatment strategies are fragmented and costly”.

Till date, many treatments have been offered for tinnitus, but not much result is visible and also there is very little evidence about which ones work best.

Hope that the new treatment proves a bane and acts like a button to switch off that noise.

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