Five quick ways to cure nausea

Zee Media Bureau/R. Nandini

Feeling nauseous and don't know what to do? Try these quick tips to snap out of it in no time.

Relax- Sit down in a comfortable position or lie down for a few minutes, closing your eyes. But if your nausea is caused by motion sickness then avoid lying down as it will only aggravate the feeling further.  

Breathe- Deep slow breathing helps in reducing anxiety that generally happens when one feels nauseous.

Smell- Smelling a lemon can do the trick as the freshness of it helps you pull out of that nauseous feeling. But avoid any strong smells as they will only intensify it.

Stretch- Stretching out relaxes your neck and shoulder muscles which helps in subsiding nausea to a large extent.

Drink- Taking small sips of cold water or any digestive drink like lemon soda, plain soda, ginger tea etc soothes the stomach, making you feel better.