Five reasons why you should drink water

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Zee Media Bureau/Salome Phelamei

Why would you waste your money on drinks that have artificial flavourings and have no health benefits when you have pure and clear water, which is the elixir of life?

Water is also termed as the world’s best beauty elixir- here’s the five reasons why you should take enough water in a day:

Good skin: If you want a good and healthy skin, drink plenty of water. Your skin that acts as a protective barrier for the whole body needs water to function properly and to avoid excess fluid loss. Drinking very less will make your skin dry and patchy.

Kidneys: You need sufficient amount of water to keep your kidneys function well. Your kidneys remove wastes such as uric acid, urea & lactic acid, all of which must be dissolved in water. So if you don’t drink up enough amounts, your kidneys won’t be able to remove all these wastes effectively, causing damage to the kidneys.

Control calories: Most dieters have been asked to drink lots of water as it helps them to eat less by suppressing their appetite. Water also makes you feel full for longer period. Water also prevents fluid retention. Drinking lots of water also helps your body burn stored fat and helps you lose weight.

Joints: Your body needs sufficient water to keep your joints strong, healthy and lubricated. Drinking lots of water helps your joints remain moist for flexible and pain free movements.

Good for migraines: Water can act as a good medicine for migraines. Sometimes migraine headaches may be a sign of critical body temperature regulation of heat stress. Since dehydration plays a major role in bringing on migraines, you need to drink an adequate amount of water to prevent it.