Fluoride toothpaste can cause fluorosis: Study

London: Toothpastes with high concentration
of fluoride prevent tooth decay in kids but they also increse
the risk of developing mild fluorosis, a new study claims.

British researchers at the University of Manchester found
that toothpastes with high concentration of fluoride, if
swallowed in large amounts, can cause fluorosis -- white spots
on teeth and brown stains or pitting of enamel in severe cases
-- in children up to the age of six.

But using a small amount of paste to brush teeth can
reduce the risk, according to the researchers from Cochrane
Oral Health Group.

The team, which carried out 79 trials on 73,000 children
worldwide, also warned that "using a fluoride toothpaste
before the age of 12 months could lead to an increased risk of
developing mild fluorosis."

Pastes with fluoride concentrations less than 1,000 parts
per million were only as effective at preventing tooth decay
in kids as non-fluoride products, the report said.

Dr Anne-Marie Glenny, an author of the study said: "It is
very confusing for parents to know how to strike the right
balance, which isn`t helped by the fact that different
companies use different concentrations of fluoride in their
toothpastes aimed at children."