French doctors extract kidney via patient`s vagina

Paris: Doctors in Lyon have removed the
kidney of a patient through her vagina, in what the hospital
says is the world`s first operation of its kind on a morbidly
obese person.

In a statement today, the Lyon Hospitals network said
the 117-kilogramme (258-pound) patient, who was not
identified, was suffering from kidney problems and needed the
organ removed, but her obesity made the operation risky.

Cutting through the layers of fat on the woman`s
stomach would raise the risk of infection and other
complications, so doctors - a urologist and a gynecologist -
went in through tiny incisions in her belly.

They then removed the damaged kidney through an
"invisible" 6-centimetre-long (2.4-inch-long) incision at the
rear of her vagina, the statement said.