Glenmark launches anti-platelet drug for heart patients

New Delhi: Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Thursday said it has launched in India an oral anti-platelet drug for patients who have undergone an angioplasty procedure to open up a blocked heart artery.

The drug, whose market size is estimated to be Rs.300 crore, will be sold in India by the company as ‘Aplet’, it said in a statement.

The medicine offers an effective alternative to current oral anti-platelet drugs which have several limitations, including slow onset of action and possibility of poor or no response in diabetic patients.

Clinical studies show the drug helps reduce the risk of a future heart-related event such as a heart attack.

"Glenmark will continue its efforts of introducing first to market products across therapeutic categories in the country," said Rajeev Sibal, the company`s vice president (India Formulations).