GoM defers decision on gory tobacco warnings

New Delhi: The Group of Ministers on tobacco is understood to have deferred by six months a decision on making the pictorial warnings on tobacco products more gory.

In a meeting of the GoM, headed by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee today, doubts were raised over the viability of making the warnings more strict, sources said.

The photograph of a cancer-affected mouth is supposed to replace the "softer" pictorial warnings of scorpion and lung on cigarette and other tobacco products from June one.

The picture was finalised after the Government in collaboration with NGOs carried out studies in seven states and came to the conclusion that only hard-hitting pictures can
have any impact on people used to smoking or chewing tobacco.

The earlier pictorial warnings of lungs and scorpion were notified on October 2, 2008.
Approximately 5,500 adolescents start using tobacco every day, joining the 7.7 million young people under the age of 15, who already regularly use tobacco.

There are World Health Organisation reports suggesting that in the coming years, the global death toll from tobacco may rise to a staggering one billion and upwards.


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