‘Good’ bacteria in yoghurt may end your bed bug woes

London: If there’s one thing that absolutely kills off a good sleep, its bed bugs, but now scientists have found a new way of getting rid of them – by using yoghurt.

Probiotic yoghurt has ‘friendly’ bacteria. So now scientists say that bed bugs can be wiped out by loading these good bacteria into the mattresses.

How? The yarn the mattress is made of is dipped in a special vat of liquid containing billions of microscopic capsules.

“When people sleep their body weight applies pressure to the mattress. That pressure breaks some of the capsules and releases friendly bacteria,” a newspaper quoted one expert as saying.

“The good bacteria treatment lasts for about ten years and that’s the ­average life of a mattress,” the expert added.

Bacteriologists at Belgium’s University of Ghent showed that colonies of bugs like dust mites could be wiped out in six weeks.


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