Graphic ads show tumours on cigarettes to warn smokers

London: In an effort to persuade smokers to kick the habit, England is launching a series of graphic anti-smoking adverts showing tumours growing on cigarettes.

The Department of Health (DoH) has said that just 15 cigarettes can cause a mutation than can lead to cancerous tumours, Sky News reported.

Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies said the campaign is in response to statistics which show more than a third of smokers still think the health risks are greatly exaggerated.

It``s to show them a real picture of what cancer looks like and what happens in one in two long-term smokers, Davies said.

The campaign, which cost 2.7m pounds, will run for nine weeks on television, billboards and online.

The last graphic adverts, in 2004, showed fatty deposits being squeezed from a smoker`s artery and fat dripping from the end of cigarettes.