Hair transplants can be disastrous for young men

London: Men should avoid having hair transplants until they are closer to the age of 30, a leading surgeon has warned.

Doctor Bessam Farjo told Newsbeat some clinics are not doing enough to warn under-30s about the long-term risks.

He said that while the publicity in celebrities like Wayne Rooney getting the procedure is making it more popular, it is not for everyone.

“When a celebrity comes out with it, you only hear the good things,” the BBC quoted him as saying.

“You don`t hear the cautions or the potential complications.”

He says that if you get surgery too young, it can look worse than it did in the first place.

“If you have the surgery too early and you go bald, you don`t have enough hair to keep chasing the hair loss,” he said.

“You can end up with isolated patches of hair. You could end up with hairy temples and a bald forehead which isn`t pretty but is also hard to fix.”

Dr Farjo, who runs the The Farjo Medical Centre with his wife Nilofer, however, admits there`s no concrete way to stop some clinics putting money before the well being of patients.


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