High BP during pregnancy spells trouble later

Washington: Women with high blood pressure during pregnancy have a higher risk of experiencing high blood pressure, kidney problems, and stroke in the future, a new study has found.

Vesna Garovic and her team from the Mayo Clinic identified female residents of Rochester, Minnesota and the surrounding townships in Olmsted County who delivered between 1976 and 1982.

They divided the women into two groups, those with high blood pressure during pregnancy and those without, and followed them after they reached 40 years of age to monitor their heart and kidney health.

A total of 6,051 mothers delivered between 1976 and1982, and 607 women had high blood pressure at the time while 5,444 did not.

After they reached age 40, women who had high blood pressure during pregnancy were much more likely to experience high blood pressure, kidney disease, and strokes than women who did not have high blood pressure during pregnancy.

“Studies of the associations of hypertensive pregnancy disorders with maternal risks for future cardiovascular disease could lead to new guidelines for screening and treatment of women at risk, with the ultimate goal of improving cardiovascular health in women,” Garovic said.


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