Holi special: Top 5 tips for children`s safety

Zee Media Bureau/Shruti Saxena

New Delhi: Holi is a festival of unlimited fun and joy and to soak yourself in colours and forget all your worries. Kids are the one who are most excited to celebrate this colourful festival. So, parents are bound to be careful to ensure their kid's safety so that they don’t harm themselves in the spirit of the festival.

So, before your kids indulge in the festive spirit of holi, here are a few tips to check that your kid is safe this holi:

-Ensure that your child doesn’t swallow colours or rub it into his/her eye and also teach him/her not to put colours in others eyes and mouth. Teach them how to use their pichkaris so that they don’t harm anyone unintentionally.

-Ask your kids not to throw water balloons, eggs, grease and mud on others as it is a dirty behaviour and should be avoided.

-It is obvious that kids love colours so as far as possible use organic or natural colours. The advantage of using natural colours is that they can be easily removed and will not harm your child's skin much.

-Since colours are harsh in nature and tend to harm the skin, apply oil or cream all over your child's body to prevent sticking of colours on the skin.

-Kids have this tendency to run around in the house after each other. Ask them not to do so as the floors might be wet and they might end up injuring themselves.

So, go on soak yourself in these myriad colours and have a happy and safe holi!

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