How to cure baldness as per the 1856 Victorians` bible

London: Curing baldness doesn’t need a visit to a dermatologist anymore, as a nearly 150-year-old Victorians`` domestic bible is back to help you.

Victorians` bible of household management, ``Enquire Within Upon Everything`` was first printed in 1856, and has just been republished, reports the Daily Mail.

Here are some of the tips one can follow:

Restore hair removed by ill health or age

Onions rubbed frequently on the part requiring it. The powers of this vegetable are of service in restoring the tone of the skin and assisting the capillary vessels in sending forth new hair; but it is not infallible. Should it succeed, the growth of these new hairs may be assisted by the oil of myrtle berries.

Scurf in the head

A simple and effectual remedy-into a pint of water drop a lump of fresh quick lime, the size of a walnut. Let it stand all night, then pour the water off clear from sediment or deposit, add a quarter of a pint of the best vinegar and wash the head with the mixture.

Sore throat

Pour a pint of boiling water upon 25 or 30 leaves of common sage; let the infusion stand for half an hour. Add vinegar sufficient to make it moderately acid and honey according to the taste.

The infusion must be used as a gargle several times a day.


This is a spasm of the diaphragm, caused by flatulence, indigestion or acidity. It may be relieved by the sudden application of cold, also by two or three mouthfuls of cold water, by eating a small piece of ice, taking a pinch of snuff, or anything that excites counteraction.

Onion breath

Leaves of parsley, eaten with vinegar, will prevent the disagreeable consequences of eating onions.


Boil a potato in its skin and after it is boiled take the skin and put the inside of it to the corn on your foot and leave it on for about 12 hours. At the end of that period the corn will be much.

Trap for snails

Snails are particularly fond of bran; if a little is spread on the ground and covered over with a few cabbage-leaves or tiles, they will congregate under them in great numbers and, by examining them every morning and destroying them, their numbers will be materially decreased.