`Inclusive` cutlery to help Parkinson`s patients

PTI| Last Updated: Mar 09, 2014, 18:30 PM IST
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London: People suffering from Parkinson's disease often feel embarrassed about eating at social luncheons or dinners as their hands tremble. The result is terrible isolation.

This is going to change as a British student has designed 'inclusive' cutlery and crockery for the convenience of those suffering from Parkinson's.

Parkinson's disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system and its primary symptoms include tremors at rest, stiffness and a slowing of movement.

"They still want to be included in the family, so 'medicalising' their lives does not make anyone happy," said Emily Lukes who designed the cutlery as part of her final-year project at Loughborough University and Design School.

So, there is a bowl with a lip to help with 'scoop eating', a plate with vertical sides, a mug with two handles, and a spoon with a deeper bowl than normal and a handle that is slightly bigger and tapered to fit in the hand better.

Lukes has used stoneware for the crockery rather than porcelain and the products have non-slip bottoms.

"If you are embarrassed about eating, you are not going to go to a restaurant or invite people round. Being able to have a meal together reduces isolation of Parkinson's sufferers," Lukes said.

Her designs earned her third place in 'Device Design Award 2014', an international European Union-funded award of excellence in designing for vulnerable generations, recently.