`India has lowest per capita toothbrush consumption`

New Delhi: Indians have a casual attitude towards brushing their teeth and most don`t bother about changing their toothbrush, notes a study.

India has the lowest per capita toothbrush consumption as most of the people use their fingers, neem sticks and other tools for brushing teeth, stated a study conducted by Indian Market Research Bureau (IMRB) on Consumer Usage and Attitudes Survey.

The study has startling facts which stated that 65 percent Indians change their toothbrush only after visible signs of damage, of whom 55 percent change only when the bristles start bending or flowering.

Besides, 43 percent are compelled to change only when the toothbrush starts looking dirty and 32 percent change once the bristles start coming out.

Noting a casual attitude towards brushing, the study adds that 56 percent Indians believe that there is no harm if the toothbrush was not changed.

A toothbrush is vital for daily oral hygiene maintenance and helps in reducing plaque, caries and other dental problems, doctors say stressing on the need to brush teeth with toothbrush.

Eighty percent of the germs in the mouth are not on the teeth but on the cheeks, gums and tongue, the study adds.

Conventional toothbrushes only clean hard tissues and thus the residual bacteria on soft tissues may lead to dental problems.

The study also stated that a toothbrush with tongue cleaner provides better removal of plaque and also gives a better whole mouth cleaning experience than a flat trim toothbrush.

Doctors say that a toothbrush should be changed at least once every three months as the efficacy of the brush decreases with time.


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