Indian men have the least sex: Survey

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: According to a recent global survey by a leading men’s health magazine, Indian men and women have least sex and that too fewer partners than others.

Men`s Health magazine’s Global Sex survey 2013 spanned 30 countries with more than 50,000 respondents to compare sexual attitudes and practices and found that Indians have sex, on average, less than once a week, as compared to the more active Croats , Greeks, Dutch, British and Americans.

Indian men were found to be less adventurous in the bedroom too; they shy away from using sex toys and kissing is their favourite activity during foreplay.

"Unlike so many other sex surveys, our poll is not information heavy, and neither is it just about charting changing trends. We have tried to examine how men from different parts of the world are better than others in certain aspects of sex and relationships, and then tell you how to learn and improve," said Jamal Shaikh, editorial director of Men`s Health India.

While sex in public places may seem like a no-no in the country, the survey revealed that Indian women are “six times more likely to have done the deed in the back of a taxi than American women.”

Managing editor Bobby Varkey said lack of privacy at home and taboo against sex outside marriage may be the reasons behind the findings.