Intervention techniques to treat autism in children

Madurai: With good intervention techniques
available, children affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
could benefit a lot provided such children were taken care of
at an early stage.

According to Parasuram Ramamurthy, founder of Velvi Trust,
an NGO involved in the development of Autistic children
through means of drama skills, there were specific
intervention techniques which could help the children to
develop to their full potential.

A combined approach using Behhaviour modification, speech
and sensory integration therapies according to the specific
needs of the child could be effective, he said speaking on the
occasion of the World Autism Awareness day Friday.

With appropriate adaptations to individual or small
group training in sepcial schools, the children could be even
shifted to regular schools, he said.

It is estimated that there were 40 lakh persons affected by
ADS in India and the prevalance figure is put at 1/250,
according to Autism Society of India. Statistics showed that
boys were affected more than girls and the ratio was four
males to one female.