Kerala district leads in enforcing anti-tobacco laws

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Kannur: A Kerala district, known to be a bidi manufacturing hub, leads in enforcing tobacco control law in the state, says police.

The figures put out by Kerala Police for the period January-December 2013 show that 12,647 fines for violating the law were levied in Kannur district, bringing approximately Rs.25 lakh to the state coffers during the period.

Some of the key provisions of Indian tobacco control law COTPA include prohibition of smoking in public places, prohibition of all forms of direct/indirect advertisements, and promotion and sponsorship of tobacco products.

Congratulating the district police, Satheesan Balasubramanian, director, Malabar Cancer Centre (MCC) here said recent studies have shown that implementation of COTPA is a critical factor in bringing down the use of tobacco.

"Police have an important and integral role to play in implementing and enforcing COTPA and it is heartening that the Kannur police have set a worthy example for all," he said.

Kannur district police chief P.N. Unnirajan said all their officers were sensitised on the law and will continue to step up efforts in this regard.