`Kidney diseases can be cured if diagnosed early`

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New Delhi: Around 600 million people worldwide have some kind of kidney ailment and chronic kidney diseases are predicted to increase by 17 percent over the next decade if not detected early, said a nephrologist here Thursday.

Speaking on the occasion of World Kidney Day, Vivekanand Jha, executive director, George Institute for Global Health, India said chronic kidney diseases are considered to be a global health problem but many cases go undiagnosed as people ignore the symptoms of the disease in the early stages.

"In kidney diseases if detected early and treated properly, the deterioration in kidney functioning can be slowed or even stopped," Jha said.

"Though it is an undeniable fact that chronic kidney disease prevalence rises with age and exceeds 40-50 percent amongst elders, people should visit doctors at least twice a month for a check up," said Jha, who is also the secretary of the Indian Society of Nephrology.

"Early detection and prevention will lead not only to improved outcomes, better quality of life, but huge cost-savings on treatment," said Jha.