Kids` deaths: Omar visits hospital; says situation grave

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah Friday visited the G.B. Pant Hospital in the summer capital where 368 children have died since Jan 1 allegedly due to negligence and inadequate facilities.

Describing the situation at the hospital as grave, he said: "There is enormous scope for improvement. Levels of cleanliness are extremely poor inside the hospital...Greater discipline is needed with respect to the presence of attendants accompanying the patients."

He, however, promised that within 10 days "you will see visible improvement not only in respect of the appearance, but in the overall functioning".

"My office and myself had to step in because of the gravity of the situation," the chief minister said.

Based on the preliminary report of the one-man inquiry ordered into the affairs of the hospital, the state government Thursday ordered the hospital`s medical superintendent to be shifted out.

"...there has been lack of necessary equipment, staff and even lack of coordination at the administrative level in the hospital," Health and Medical Education Secretary M.K. Dwivedi told reporters Thursday.

Official sources said there had been 68 children`s deaths in the hospital in January, 66 in February, 105 in March, 85 in April and 44 up to May 15 this year.

Bad fat could decline memory
Washington, May 18 (IANS) Certain types of fat are linked with deteriorating memory and mental functioning, says a new study.

For instance, a `bad` fat such as saturated fat or trans fat, known to be damaging to cardiac health, was also linked to worse overall cognitive function and memory in women over time.

Conversely, a `good` fat or mono-unsaturated fat was lined with better overall cognitive function and memory, the journal Annals of Neurology reported.

The research team from Brigham and Women`s Hospital (BWH), analyzed data from the Women`s Health Study-comprising nearly 40,000 women, 45 years and older. They focused on data from a subset of 6,000 women, aged over 65 years.

Women who consumed the highest amounts of saturated fat, which can come from red meat and butter, compared to those who consumed the lowest amounts, had worse overall cognition and memory over the four years of testing.

Women who ate the most of the mono-unsaturated fats, found in olive oil, had better patterns of cognitive scores over time, said a university statement.

"When looking at changes in cognitive function, what we found is that the total amount of fat intake did not really matter, but the type of fat did," explained Olivia Okereke, psychiatrist from Brigham Hospital.

"Our findings have significant public health implications," said Okereke.

"Substituting in the good fat in place of the bad fat is a fairly simple dietary modification that could help prevent decline in memory," added Okereke.