Lack of workout after 30 ups women`s lifetime heart disease risk

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Washington: A new study has revealed that from 30 years of age, inactivity and lack of exercise exerts a greater impact on a woman's lifetime risk of developing heart disease.

According to the study, prevalence of smoking fell from 28 percent in women age 22-27 to 5 percent in 73-78 year olds, but the prevalence of inactivity and high blood pressure increased steadily across the lifespan from age 22 to 90 and overweight increased from age 22 to 64, which declined in older age.

The researchers found that up to the age of 30, smoking was the most important contributor to heart disease, with a PAR of 59 percent, but from age 30 until the late 80s, low physical activity levels were responsible for higher levels of population risk than any of the other risk factors.

The scientists said that the data suggests that national programmes for the promotion and maintenance of physical activity, across the adult lifespan, but especially in young adulthood, deserve to be a much higher public health priority for women than they are now.

The study was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

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