Lifestyle ailments on rise in Goa; CVDs pose worry: Report

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Panaji: Nearly one-fourth of the population in Goa is suffering from cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) which is one among the many lifestyle ailments that has hit the coastal state known for its urban culture, according to a report.

Compared to communicable diseases, Goans are more prone to lifestyle diseases. Amongst all the lifestyle diseases CVD tops the list followed by diabetes, obesity and hypertension, says a report by Indus Health Plus, a pioneer in preventive healthcare.

The report, which was released in Goa today claims to have studied cases from January 2013 to April 2014. It has studied the diagnosis of around 8,000 sample population to reach the findings.

A total 22 per cent of population which went through diagnosis has been found suffering from CVDs as against 20.27 per cent who go through diabetic problems, Amol Naikawadi, Joint Managing Director, Indus Plus told reporters here after releasing the report.

The findings also have found that the younger population between 25-45 years are affected by lifestyle diseases.

Naikawadi said that heart problem which was common in urban Goa has now percolated to rural population with "increase of such cases amongst the non-urban population."

The report also has found that 10.69 per cent males and 8.82 per cent females are suffering from obesity.

"Surprisingly, 20-30 per cent of youngsters between the age group of 25-35 are obese and 45 per cent in this age group were found to be physically less active," he said, reasoning that "high intake of junk food and alcohol has increased the numbers drastically."

About diabetics, the report mentions that males and females are at equal risk, and the people between 35-40 are more prone to this disease.

He said that hypertension is one of the diseases which has been borrowed by the population due to wrong lifestyle.

"In all 8.78 per cent of men and 7.08 per cent of women between age group of 35-40 years are suffering from hypertension because of work-related stress. Besides, smoking and lack of exercise has added to high level of blood pressure amongst the youngsters in Goa," Naikawadi said.

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