Liver cells successfully transplanted into baby for 1st time in Japan

Tokyo: The National Center for Child Health and Development (NCCHD) in Tokyo has claimed that in a national first they were able to successfully transplant liver cells into a baby.

NCCHD hospital chief Akira Matsui said that they safely conducted an operation that may develop into regenerative medicine using embryo-stem or induced pluripotent stem cells, the Japan Times.

The center used surplus liver cells left frozen after 14 living liver transplantations were conducted in and after May 2011.

The baby boy, whose liver was not functioning properly, underwent the transplant on august 10, when he was 11 days old, and on August 13.

According to the center, the tiny tot was given cells matching his blood type and since the transplant, the boy`s liver has began to function properly.

The center added that the is going to get discharged from the hospital in a month and a half, and that they will keep track of his condition.